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Lighting living room, a matter of creating atmosphere

Lighting your living room is a matter of creating atmosphere. After all, you want to turn your living room into a cosy living space that you can enjoy at all times. A floor lamp illuminates corners, while a reading lamp is ideal for reading a book or the newspaper in the evening. In addition, lighting in a living room also provides a calming sensation for the eyes, for example while watching television.

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Lighting in the living room to help you unwind

The living room is the central part of your home, where you come to relax and enjoy pleasant moments with your family. It is also where you receive your friends and family. So you want your living room to reflect your personality and your own style. A living room is also a place to relax. You can read there, play games, talk to each other and watch your favourite TV programme. To support all this, good lighting is important. Living room lighting, like any form of lighting, can be adjusted to your own needs. If, for example, you can adjust the light colour and brightness, living room lighting is even multifunctional.

What are the types of living room lighting?

Spotlights are first of all true classics when it comes to lighting the living room. You divide them into the room and build them into the ceiling, for example, for general functional lighting. In addition, spotlights are also ideal for creating an accent, for example on the paintwork of a wall or on a work of art.Besides spotlights, pendant lamps are a beautiful form of lighting for your living room. A pendant lamp can be a real eye-catcher, for example as a central light point, but also as a lighting element above a dining table. Pendant lamps provide a diffuse and atmospheric light. You choose the light colour yourself. An extra warm LED light immerses the entire living room in a pleasant atmosphere.

Living room lighting: how do you go about it?

How do you best light your living room? Living room lighting is largely a combination of personal preference and available technology. To start with, there should be good basic lighting and you should illuminate the room sufficiently in function of visibility and safety. Here, the surface of the windows and the incidence of light in the living room play an important role.

Living room lighting in zone

In addition, it is also best to divide the lighting of your living room into zones. These are, as it were, islands of light that each have their own function. Think, for example, of a floor lamp by the sofa where you often read or a spotlight focused on eye-catchers such as works of art or photographs. Mood lighting takes on a separate role here. You can do anything you like with it. Decorative wall lighting or discreetly applied LED strips, it is all possible.

Authentage: specialist in living room lighting

Authentage is the right place when it comes to lighting for your living room. Think for example of hanging lamps, free-standing lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps or floor lamps. At Authentage, we love high-quality materials such as brass, nickel, bronze or chrome. Our lighting fixtures for the living room are handmade. We design the fixtures in Belgium and assemble them in our workshops in Antwerp. Combining timeless materials with the most recent lighting technologies, that is the specialty of Authentage. Consequently, we provide the right atmosphere at the right time. If you want to create a truly cosy atmosphere in your living room or make your company attractive for customers, be sure to check out our range of lighting for the living room from Authentage!