Exclusive mansion in Belgium

In this high-end mansion the Poire Spot on Round Base was used as main ceiling light with a stunning result in every room.
Poire on round base_Authentage_Ceiling spot in living room_The Art of Living Magazine
Poire Spot on Round Base in living room
Authentage_Picture lighting_Poire spot on round base_The Art of Living Magazine Jaro van Meerten_Loft4C
Poire Spot on Round Base as picture light
Authentage_The Art of Living Magazine_Hallway lighting_Wall lighting_Loft4C_Vitrine Wall
Vitrine Wall as wall light in the hallway
Authentage_The Art of Living Magazine_Loft4C_Toilet lighting_Ceiling lights_Poire Spot lights
Authentage_The Art of Living Magazine_Loft4C_Bathroom lighting_Ceiling lights_Poire spot Lights
Poire Spot on Round Base in the bathroom
Authentage_The Art of Living Magazine Jaro van Meerten_Loft4C_Kitchen lighting_ceiling lights_Poire spot lights above kitchen island
Poire Spot on Round Base for more functional light in the kitchen
Authentage_The Art of Living Magazine Jaro van Meerten_Home office_Office lighting_Ceiling lights_Poire Spot lights

The interior of this exclusive mansion was realized by Loft4C.

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