Scandinavian lighting

Go for a cosy Scandinavian atmosphere with lighting from Authentage

A Scandinavian interior is characterised by combining white tones with cosy decoration and warm lighting. Warm lighting is therefore essential for creating a cosy feeling and warm atmosphere in an environment where there is often not much light.

Authentage specialises in luminaires that emit a beautiful glow due to their warm colour. This is why one often sees a link to Scandinavian interiors with Authentage's lighting. Scandinavian interiors are also a good idea in our country. After all, who doesn't like a warm and cosy environment in winter?

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Scandinavian-style lighting from Authentage

In the Scandinavian countries, it gets dark quickly. That is why they use a lot of white in their interiors. This white base is then complemented with shades of grey and black and elements such as seats, cushions and tables in natural colours and materials. This gives a Scandinavian-inspired home a warm glow, even if it is cold outside. 

Authentage has several types of lighting that fit into a Scandinavian interior. Fixtures that you can hang above your dining table, for example, contribute to a cosy meal. If you choose dimmable lighting, you can regulate the light intensity according to the time of day or the desired atmosphere. The lighting fixtures especially combine a warm colour with warm light, which contributes perfectly to a Scandinavian look.

Scandinavian lighting for the living room or dining room

Scandinavian lighting from Authentage excels with its simple design with an eye for quality. The most commonly chosen colour for luminaires from Authentage is bronze. This colour leans towards black, but if you look closely, you can see the bronze glow emerge. 

Bronze also changes colour and intensity at any time of day. So a bronze luminaire provides a nice contrast to the often pale colours in a Scandinavian interior. Focusing a bronze spotlight on beautiful graphic wallpaper or wall decorations in your living room adds to that wonderful feeling of home. Floor lamps or pendant luminaires in the colour bronze also fit perfectly in a Scandinavian-inspired interior.

Scandinavian lamps from Authentage for indoors and outdoors

Scandinavian lighting and lamps from Authentage are not only limited to indoors. Various luminaires provide quality lighting that is simple while creating a pleasant and beautiful atmosphere. Outdoor lighting is ideal for making the day last a little longer during dusk outside. You will then also enjoy the view of your autumn or winter garden to the full inside a Scandinavian interior.

Pendant lamps for an interior with a Scandinavian touch? Check out the offer at Authentage

Authentage has a wide range of lighting to furnish your interior in a Scandinavian way, such as pendant lamps and floor lamps. Authentage stands above all for handmade luminaires designed and assembled in Belgium. We combine timeless and high-quality materials with innovative technologies. For example, we are known for our warm yet energy-efficient LED lighting. 

For projects, you can choose between a number of standard sizes for each luminaire, but customisation is also possible. Create an account on our website today and you will be able to view an overview of the luminaires and the corresponding price list. If you would like to install lighting from Authentage as a private individual, you can find the shops that distribute our lighting in our Store Locator.