Éclairage de jardin

Choosing the right garden lighting is not only a matter of ambience, but also of safety. Well-chosen garden lighting not only accentuates the beautiful sides of your garden, patio or driveway, but also helps you find your way easily and safely. Prevent tripping hazards and ensure good visibility on steps, ramps or raised edges with the right garden lighting. With lights in your garden, you also create a beautiful and cosy atmosphere outside. Enjoy your garden lighting to the fullest when it starts to get dark and you can stay outside longer thanks to your garden lighting. 

Nos produits

Nos collections combinent des matériaux durables et de haute qualité avec les dernières technologies d'éclairage.

Elles sont assemblées à la main en Belgique, ce qui permet de les personnaliser.

Types of garden lighting 

Are you looking for lighting for your terrace, driveway, car park, veranda or pool house? You will find it all in our extensive range of garden lighting. Think for example of wall lamps, hanging lamps, decorative lamps and spotlights, but also table and floor lamps suitable for outdoor use. Lighting for car parks, paths and terraces at flats or squares is also possible. 

Une large gamme d'éclairage de jardin

Our garden lighting range is extensive, offering you a choice between garden path lighting, façade lighting, lantern lamps and outdoor spotlights - to name but a few. Several variants in our garden lighting range can also be equipped with a motion sensor. This turns the light on as soon as the sensor detects movement, allowing you to immediately enjoy a feeling of safety when you come home. 

Un éclairage de jardin résistant à la corrosion

When choosing lighting for your garden, there are a number of things to consider. One of these concerns the corrosion resistance of your garden lighting. Authentage's lighting fixtures are made of polished brass, bronze, brushed nickel and chrome, and each is uniquely treated to be corrosion-resistant. Durable lighting for your garden is what we at Authentage stand for. 

Un éclairage de jardin résistant à tous les types d'intempéries

It is also important that the lighting for your garden can withstand weather and wind. So the fixtures should be sturdy and robust, but at the same time have an elegant look. Moreover, garden lights should be securely fastened so that they do not break under the influence of wind or heavy rain. In addition, sunlight should have no effect either. Authentage garden lighting therefore withstands all weather conditions. 

Éclairage de jardin dans de belles teintes et avec la bonne intensité lumineuse

La puissance lumineuse adéquate est également importante lors du choix d'un éclairage de jardin. Cela dépend de la fonction de votre éclairage. Un bon éclairage est recommandé pour éclairer votre allée, mais vous pouvez opter pour un éclairage d'ambiance pour accentuer certains aspects de votre jardin, comme certaines plantes ou un bassin. En fonction de la fonction, vous déterminez le nombre de lumens dont l'éclairage a besoin, ou, en d'autres termes, la puissance de la lumière. En fonction de l'objectif que vous poursuivez, vous choisissez également un éclairage présentant une certaine valeur IP. IP est l'abréviation de "Ingress Protection". Cela signifie que les éléments d'éclairage que vous souhaitez placer au centre de votre jardin, près d'un étang, doivent être plus résistants à la pluie que, par exemple, un éclairage que vous souhaitez fixer au plafond d'une terrasse couverte.

Illuminez votre jardin avec Authentage

Authentage offers an extensive choice of lamps and lights for your garden, ideal for making your garden or hotel both attractive and safe. Authentage's luminaires are handmade and manufactured and designed in Belgium. We always go for quality and timeless materials, which we combine with the latest lighting technology. If you are looking for customised lighting for your garden, terrace, car park or driveway, Authentage is the right place for you! Through our years of collaboration with professionals such as interior architects, designers and designers, Authentage has the expertise to bring your project to fruition.