L'abbaye du Trésor

In this exceptional abbey 'L'abbaye du Trésor' in France, you get immediately immersed in a relaxing environment with stunning buildings and attention for every detail. They've succeeded in creating the perfect ambiance in every space, by combining the Bellefeu collection together with the Centonze spot lights.

 Authentage_bellefeu_bathroom lighting_wellness_abbaye du tresorBellefeu Plate

Authentage_Bellefeu table set_bathroom lighting_abbaye du trésorBellefeu table set

Authentage_Bellefeu vitrine lantern suspension_Bellefeu vitrine wall_centonze spots_salon_lighting_Abbaye du trésorBellefeu Vitrine Lantern Indoor - Bellefeu Plate - Centonze Spots

Authentage_Bellefeu vitrine wall_living room wall lights_wellness_abbaye du trésorBellefeu vitrine wall - Centonze Spots

Authentage_Bellefeu vitrine lantern suspension_Bellefeu vitrine Wall_events_weddings_candle_abbaye du trésor

Bellefeu Vitrine Lantern Indoor Suspension - Centonze Spots - Bellefeu Vitrine Wall

Authentage_bellefeu on L plate_bathroom lighting_wellness_candle_abbaye du tresorBellefeu plate

Authentage_Bellefeu on L plate_indoor lighting_bathroom lighting_wellness_candle_abbaye du tresor

Bellefeu plate

Authentage_centonze spots Lights_abbaye du trésor

Centonze Spots

Authentage_Bellefeu on L plate_bathroom lighting_wellness_LED candle_abbaye du trésor

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